3 comments on “UPDATES: Fire Water Facebook, AFAM Research blog

  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Fire Water (great post!). By the way, your Facebook page is kicking arse! Keep up the good work in exposing these scumbags.

  2. I am 73 yrs old my wife of 51 yrs is 67 yrs young, we have 6 children,now adults, my wife had a thyroid problem ,5 yrs ago , I google”d fluoride and found out that it depleats the iodine from your body i invested in a r/o water filter, since useing clean water for drinking cooking and shower, my wife has lost 16kg without dieting,my wife no longer takes any medication , nor do I, we are also blood donors, as of now the federal gov has passed responsibility for water fluoridation onto local
    councils,sounds to me ,the rats are leaving the sinking ship,and they reckon smoking is bad for your health, what a joke, I think seeing the doctor is bad for your health. its not a level playing field the
    big pharma companies and doctors are buddies, You are what you eat and drink, and the powers that be make sure its all crap. Bet they dont drink fluoridated water, and crap grown food from china.
    Dont ever forget we live in a democratic country, where they will not lable our food, so that we will know what crap we are putting in our mouths.BILPIN NSW

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